Sony Walkman

Sony’s latest Walkman has added noise reduction features to offer better sound quality for music playback.

The NW-S700 series is the company’s first player to include noise cancelling technology.

The system works in three steps, with discreet microphones built into the 13.5ɔEX headphones to catch surrounding noise interruptions, analyze their properties, and finally produce an equal reverse sound wave.

Sony claims the player offers top sound quality even in a bustling street or on a noisy train journey, which means users don’t have to increase the volume and risk damaging their hearing.

The Walkman has up to 50 hours playback time, with a three-minute charge and three-hour playback quick function.

A record function lets users upload songs directly to the unit from any audio source without needing a PC.

The NW-S700 series comes in violet, black, pink and gold and stores up to 4GB of tunes.