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Brits tout eco-friendly digital TV recorder

TVonics DVR-150

TVonics DVR-150TVonics is wearing its nationality with pride as it declares itself the only digital video recorder (DVR) currently on the market that is designed and made by Brits. Not content with wrapping itself in the Union Jack, the firm has also added a shade of green to its wardrobe with its attitude to power use.

The TVonics DVR-150 touts itself as an eco-friendly digital TV recorder that uses considerably less energy than other DVRs.

It comes with twin Freeview tuners, so you can record one channel and watch another and a 160GB hard drive to record up to 80 hours of telly.
Its stylish high gloss piano black frame is just 18.4cm x 7cm x 22.7cm and can be mounted on the side or top of your TV for greater flexibility.

The TVonics DVR-150 is currently available in more than 100 Tesco stores for £189.99.




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