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Orange takes sat-nav mobile

Orange M600 with Sat Nav

Orange M600 with Sat NavOrange is pushing its Sat Nav service as a cost effective way for businesses to get their roaming staff where they’re going. But at £150 plus VAT, it’s not out of the regular PDA user’s reach.

For that you get the software license, a GPS receiver with in-car charger and a car windshield or fan grid to stick your mobile device up like a toy Garfield.

The software works on smartphones and PDAs from Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Orange and BlackBerry.

Journey routes are held on a central server and are downloaded at standard data rates using wi-fi, 3G, GPRS or the Orange EDGE network.

For a little extra (£27.59 plus VAT per year each) you can add on a year’s subscription to real-time traffic information or plan your military campaign with maps of Europe.

Sat Nav from Orange boasts that its maps are updated every three months, so there’s no shelling out for an extra data card to get the newest info.

It can also take advantage of its mobile phone nature and switch modes of transport from cars to bikes or walking.

And if you want to find your mates house using the address in your contacts book, it’s a doddle.

Expect a full review soon.