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Canadians point the way for frozen gadget lovers


gadget_glove.jpgThe weather has turned rather chilly over the last few days and it is becoming rather difficult to work those iPods, BlackBerries and other gadgets as your fingers numb with cold. Luckily those plucky Canadians, used to dealing with extremes of temperatures, have the solution.

Called iTWYF (meaning "I Touch With Your Fingers"), these gloves are designed so you can use your favourite gadget without having to unsheath yourself and freeze your digits.

The gloves have a velcro strap on the thumb to expose it and dial a mobile, an index finger with a leather strap so you can turn up the volume on your iPod and a metal stud on the middle finger so you can use it to work you PDA (that is of course if you haven't misplaced it).

The gloves retail for $45 (that's Canadian – about US$39) and come in three different sizes and colours for both men and women. More details here.

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