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Nokia goes on January diet


nokia_n76_lores.jpgHoping to entice those have of defected
of late to Motorola and its latest KRZR phone, has unveiled a new
thinner, clamshell phone, the N76.

The phone, part of Nokia's N-Series,
has been made using premium materials, said Nokia.

"We did not want to compromise any
of the key Nokia Nseries experiences when we designed the stylish
Nokia N76 multimedia computer," said Pekka Pohjakallio,
vice-president, Multimedia, Nokia. "Nokia Nseries consumers are
bleeding edge technology users and with them in mind we want to offer
intelligent and entertaining multimedia functionality in an easy to
use, ultra slim package."

And can hold up to 1500 songs using an
optional 2GB micro SD card (although this is using a 48kbps eAAC
encoding – most users will want to rip tracks to the phone using
128kbps AAC encoding, the kind used on iPods, in which case you can store about 250 songs). Luckily Nokia has seen
sense and allowed people to use standard headphones with the phone.

The phone also boasts a 2.4 inch, 16
million color screen which Nokia said allows surfers to navigate web
pages quickly. The phone company is also touting its Nokia Mobile
Search, which is said gives users maps and directions to local
services, restaurants, bars and shops.

The phone also has a 2.0 megapixel
camera to take picture which can be edited via the screen or
transferred to a PC.

The underlying operating system the
phone uses is the Symbian S60 third edition and if you want to get
your hands on one of these babies now it will set you back 390 Euros.

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