wii_small.jpgSurveys often state the bleeding obvious, and a new study from purveyor
of fine batteries Energizer about what gadgets we want for Christmas is
not that much different. According to the research, plasma tvs and the Wii top the
list of must-have Christmas presents.

In second place is the Nintendo Wii (assuming you can get your hands on one). The survey found that just under a third (30 per cent) of 16-24 year olds would choose
a games console compared to nearly half of 25-34 year olds (42 per cent).
The poll shows computer games are now more popular than ever with older

According to Michael Brook,
who edits some other gadget publication, the Nintendo Wii and the iPod,
have thrown the electronic goods market wide open. 

"The launch of the Wii
has had the biggest influence this year," said Brook. "It’s completely re-written
the rule book on computer gaming. While the X-box and Playstation were
battling it out for a predominantly teenage market the Wii snuck in
through the back door."

Brook said that the Wii "opened up the market to people who just wouldn’t have been
interested in gaming before."

"A lot of guys in their late twenties lose
interest with just sitting there for hours on end. This is a more social,
interactive experience, which attracts the thirty-somethings coming
back from the pub, they see it more like playing game of Twister."

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The Nintendo console has also proved hugely popular with families and women,
previously a minority in the computer-gaming market. According to the
survey the Wii tops women’s Christmas wish list with 16 per cent –
almost double the number of men choosing it. 

It is not just the entertainment market where gadgets are booming. A
digital alcoholic breath tester comes third (10 per cent) in the list of gifts
people would buy their friends, with twice as many male respondent saying
they would buy one for a female friend.

The survey found that women were
more likely to buy their partners a sat-nav system for the car despite
men’s claims they’re better drivers. While men think their partner
would like a coffee making machine with almost three times as many men
saying they would buy this for their partner compared with women. 

While hi-tech devices like the iPhone and Wii are increasingly popular, more
basic gadgets such as televisions and mobile phones also remain very
popular. According to Energizer’s research the top 10 gadgets on people’s
wish list this Christmas are:  

1) Hi-Definition TV/Plasma 
2) Nintendo Wii 
3) Laptop Mac/PC 
4) Satellite navigation system 
5) Digital camera 
6) Nintendo DS Lite 
7) Sony PS3 
8) iPod/MP3 
9) Mobile phone 
10) Digital radio