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Avaya adds business nous to the iPhone


Avaya seems to be completely ignoring our fears that the whole world is becoming so obsessed with their gadgets that work is taking over (come on people: the mantra is work to live, not live to work). It is telling European employees to add Apple’s iconic iPhone to their Christmas wish-lists, knowing there’s a good business case.  

“Avaya will find a place on holiday wish-lists by transforming the Apple iPhone into a fully-fledged business tool,” an Avaya spokesman said, in between checking his emails and sitting down to eat dinner in front of his laptop.

“Avaya’s one-X Mobile client software, expected to be available in Europe in the first quarter of 2008, will enable the iPhone to be integrated into most enterprise IP telecommunications networks.”

Avaya said its software will allay the fears of corporate IT departments, who might otherwise dismiss the iPhone as ‘incompatible’ with business’ systems and networks.

And it won’t just be the iPhone that benefits.

From the first quarter of 2008, Avaya said its “easy-to-use, downloadable interface” will convert mobile devices from Apple, RIM, Palm, Motorola, LG, Nokia, Samsung, Sanyo, Sony Ericsson and others “into another endpoint on the corporate network”.

Employees will remain easily contactable on a single number both in and out of the office, as calls are automatically routed through the company network.

They will also have access to all the functionality of their desk phones such as; multi-party conference calling, call transfer and abbreviated dialing.

“This can improve customer response times, worker productivity and business continuity, whilst reducing call costs,” Avaya said.

And showing that it does care about employees’ personal lives, workers’ availability will be protected by VIP screening that can block certain numbers at specific times.