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iPhone: Jamster launching portal, Visto offering email


Apple iPhoneApparently Apple and O2 are launching the iPhone in the UK this week. While it’s quite a low key affair and not much has been written about it, there are some companies willing to shout about their add-on services. That’d be Jamster and Visto then…

Jamster is launching a web-portal tomorrow offering music, videos and games free for all iPhone owners.

“Owners of the new cult phone will have access to a wide range of exciting Jamster entertainment services on an online platform specially designed for the iPhone,” a Jamster statement said.

“This service will be entirely free of charge during the introductory period.”

Content includes excerpts from all episodes of the fourth season of the popular Sky One TV series 24, as well as a variety of games such as Bejeweled, Bowling and Black Jack.

“With all the buzz around the iPhone, it made sense for us to create an attractive offer for this special mobile phone”, said Lee Fenton, COO at Jamba, which operates as Jamster in the UK.

Fenton said the new portal is completely web-based, allowing customers to take advantage of the offer using an internet connection and without using up the phone’s memory.

Meanwhile, Visto is getting a bit more corporate by offering mobile email and a directory search for business professionals.

“Following on the heels of the availability of Visto Mobile for the iPhone in the US, the company has extended its support to those regions that are actively selling and promoting the iPhone,” the company said in a secure email.

Visto said its mobile version allows iPhone users to securely and easily access push corporate email without downloading any additional software or requiring any changes to security policies or corporate firewall settings.

"The iPhone has come out of the gate faster than any other smartphone in history and has broadened the market extensively with a form factor and user interface that provides a better ‘all in one’ experience than anything else on the market today," said Brian Bogosian, president, chairman and CEO of Visto.

Bogosian said Visto Mobile takes advantage of the iPhone user interface so that people will be able to send and receive attachments, receive rich HTML email and view emails as they were originally sent.

A corporate directory search also allows individuals to search for any contact and either place a call, send an email or obtain driving directions by selecting the contact’s phone number, email address or physical address.

Visto Mobile for iPhone is also available tomorrow and is free for 60 days, with European pricing to be announced shortly.