Those of you that count yourselves lucky enough to own the iPhone may
want to have a handy set of speakers that show off your Jesus phone to
full effect. The trouble is that most normal speakers tend to also
broadcast the annoying beeps that phones make when they try to contact
a phone mask. Logic3 has launched a set of speakers that should give
you perfect sound without the annoying beep-beep-beep.

Having reviewed Logic3’s i-Station Traveller speakers
earlier in the year and the looks aren’t that much different apart from
it being slightly bigger so it can fit an iPhone. IT also costs £29.99,
so you’ll should be able to splash out on thses speakers once you’ve
signed that big long contract with O2.

The speakers slide apart from each other and you can plonk you iPhone
side-on. Connecting the speakers is through the stereo jack (you don’t
connect via the dock connector at the bottom of the phone). This does
mean that the dock won’t charge up your iPhone when in use in the
speakers, but at least whatever protective covering you are using won’t
have to come off either.


Once fired up, the sound is passable, the best thing about the sound was that it did keep TDMA noise to an absolute minimum.

There are no volume controls on the speakers, so you have to control
this via the iPhone itself, (which is difficult when watching a video
in landscape mode, isn’t it!).

Overall, this is a set of speakers at the lower end of the market and
for what they costs they do a reasonable job. However, you will find
better (and pricier) speakers elsewhere.

Rating: 7/10