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Logic3 launches speakers for iPhone


iphone_speakers_logic3.gifBlimey, they were quick off the block. Not long after the Apple unveils
its Messiah-like iPhone to a grateful public, then a whole new ecosystem
appears as if by God's grace. Logic3, purveyor's of fine audio accessories,
have only gone and bought out what they claim is the world's first
speaker system designed for the iPhone.

OK, we know that you could have plugged in your existing speakers to an
iPhone, but Logic3 appears to have gone one beter with a new design
that will let you slip in arguably the world's most desirable phone
into the system so you can play back your tunes and show off to others
that you have an iPhone and they don't.

Social positioning aside, the i-Station Traveller for iPhone has a black gloss finish with silver trim to complement the mobile. It also measures 170mm across, so you can take it on holiday without breaking your back lugging across the departure lounge.

accommodates the iPhone both vertically and on its side and can turn
your iPhone into an all-singing, all-dancing multimedia system, so you
can watch your downloaded videos in style.

The Logic3's iPhone speakers have been specifically designed to complement
and enhance this sound, with the TDMA noise – the sound emitted from
mobile phones and heard through speakers – kept to a minimum –  the company claims. It also has 35mm neodymium drivers which pump out 4 Watts of sound.

Of course, if you don't have an iPhone you can still use the thing, any
gadget with a 3.5mm jack, including the whole iPod range, MP3 players
even your PSP, can be plugged in to enjoy the device. It also comes
with a converter so you can hook up another mobile phone (poor us with
our undesirable non-Apple cell phones).

The i-Station Traveller for iPhone comes with four AAA batteries and a
mains adaptor if you would rather make your i-Station a permanent fixture in your home.

The thing is available for just £29.99 from Amazon! (We've been told by the PR company that it's available from late October – presumably when the iPhone makes an appearence in Europe!)