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First look: Canon CanoScan LiDE90 scanner

CanoScan LiDE90

CanoScan LiDE90Continuing our quick hands-on tests of Canon’s new range of products, the CanoScan LiDE90 entry-level scanner also managed to capture our gaze. Probably because it’s not that much wider or longer than the A4 pages it scans in.

In fact it’s so easy to carry around that Canon has included a couple of handy features to make sure it’s worthwhile packing in your baggage.

First up is the fact you won’t need to take an extra power lead with you as it draws its energy direct from the USB 2.0 connection it makes with your PC or laptop.

Second, if you find your budget hotel is more of a no-room-to-budge hotel, the LiDE90 stands up on its side (like an old-skool PlayStation 2) to give you more desk space.

Propping it up using the vertical stand doesn’t mean it’s no good for scanning, though. Just put your document on the glass, close the lid firmly and scan away.

Review continues on next page….{mospagebreak}When it’s lying flat in its regular position, the lid can also be raised up slightly using the double-hinge to scan bulky objects.

Ease of use is guaranteed by the inclusion of four buttons at the end of the device that allow you to instantly copy a document, scan a photo, scan and create a PDF or scan and send to email.

Images using the highest resolution of 2400x4800dpi resolution were clear and the CanoScan LiDE90 promises to have 300dpi images in around 12 seconds. While we didn’t have a stopwatch on us, that seems about right.

Overall, this scanner will make a useful addition to anyone looking for an inexpensive option – especially if they need to carry it around with them.

The LiDE90 is released in October 2007 and will cost £59.

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The CanoScan LiDE90 features:
* Compact and sleek LiDE styling
* 2400x4800dpi resolution
* 48-bit colour depth
* 12 second scanning for A4 (300dpi)
* Dedicated buttons for quick copy, scan, email and PDF creation
* Powered by USB cable
* Automatic dust and scratch removal, grain reduction and backlight correction
* ArcSoft PhotoStudio bundled with package
* smallest CIS (Contact Image Sensor) scanner in its class


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