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Capcom to launch games on N-Gage in 2008


nokia_n93_mi3_big.jpgThe N-Gage gaming platform that thinks its a phone has met with, shall
we say, a different form of success from other handheld consoles. But
that could all change with the announcement that Nokia and Capcom will start rolling out new games for the platform next year.

According to the accouncement, Capcom
is the first Japanese-based publisher to show commitment to
the N-Gage.

"With our global reach, it's
important to have strong, well respected global partners", said Gregg
Sauter, director of Third Party Publishing at Nokia. "For many years,
Capcom has been entertaining consumers around the world with
exceptional gaming experiences. We've now reached a point with mobile
technologies where companies like Capcom can deliver a whole new level
of mobile entertainment. The N-Gage platform will enable this evolution
with devices that deliver enhanced graphics and a development tool kit
that allows for online tournaments, communities, multiplayer games and,
of course, global distribution."

Yosuke Yoneda, Capcom's European Mobile Division director, said
"Capcom is dedicated to creating great mobile games, and believes that
N-Gage will allow us to bring some of our most famous franchises to the
platform. Our dedication to quality and creative thinking has seen the
company produce a series of ground-breaking titles, with stunning
visuals and in-depth game play, never before seen on the mobile".

Hopefully we might see the likes of
Mega Man, Street Fighter and Resident Evil as well as Phoenix Wright coming to a mobile phone soon.

In February, Absolute Gadget reported on Nokia reaching the testing phase of a new series of N-Gage services
to run on the company's phones, such as N-Series and S60 handsets.
Hopefully, this time Nokia will get gaming on a mobile right – although
a bigger screen won't amiss on the phones!