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SanDisk launches Sansa Clip wearable mp3 player

Sandisk Sansa Clip

sandisk_sansa_clip.jpgHot on the heels of the iPod Shuffle and the Creative Zen Stone, SanDisk has weighed into the very small MP3 player arena with its new Sansa Clip. And it's a very colourful addition too!

The Sansa Clip MP3 player packs in a lot of features. As well as the required clip for wearing your MP3 player and displaying to fellow passengers that you don't have an iPod Shuffle, it also has an FM radio with a recorder, as well as microphone. The player also boasts a long-lasting rechargeable battery and a bright screen for easy navigation of tunes.

As per usual nowadays for consumer electronics, the Clip comes in a variety of colours; sleek black, candy apple red, hot pink and ice blue (although you only get a choice when you purchase the bigger 2GB player). And as with all these players it has a solid-state disk so you won't get your tunes skipping when you are working out in the gym (or elsewhere). The 2GB player has enough capacity to hold 32 hours of music (if you encode in Microsoft's WMA format – who does though?), otherwise it is 16 hours for MP3 files.

When you run out of tunes the FM tuner has 40 presets for listening to music interrupted by blithering idiots.

Despite packing in a microphone and recording capability (which can be used with the radio) the player is little bigger that a packet of matches.

"Don't let the Sansa Clip's size fool you," gushed Keith Washo, SanDisk retail product marketing manager for the Sansa Clip. "This tiny player packs a powerful, feature-rich punch. We're excited to bring music lovers a new, cool-looking player with great sound and audio offerings in a body that's smaller than a match box."

The Sansa Clip is expected to hit the streets this autumn and will be selling for around $39.99 for a 1GB player and $59.99 for the 2GB unit. The player is expected to be available from retailers in the US and Europe in September 2007.

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