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Review: Samsung D900i Candy

Samsung D900i Candy phone

Samsung D900i Candy phoneWith a cute shape and great colour, the Samsung D900i Candy is just missing a mirror compact and lipstick slot (or that software to help you choose the right makeup). It does however, conveniently come with £99 worth of Benefit make up (if purchased from O2 before 30 September), making this the perfect handbag package!

The D900i’s large buttons make it easy to text and the phone has the option of vivid text – where some words are translated into pictures when messages are read, not useful but fun! Words also appear as if the text is being written on the screen as you read messages. Your texts can also be peppered with fun emoticons, although these can only be received by similar phones and appear as blank spaces on other models.

We were shown a really cute feature during a demonstration where animals appear to fly out of the screen when you receive a message. But we were unable to find how to activate this function on the phone when we did finally get our hands on it for a full test.

One thing you can’t help notice is how the main screen saver changes to the national landmark of whatever country you are in (although due to budget this has yet to be tested!). The image also changes from light to night at appropriate times of the day.

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As for general usage, the phone can be set to lock automatically when it slides shut (no unintentional calls made from your pocket). The same function also ends calls and cancels text messages, whilst sliding the phone open unlocks it and answers calls.

The Samsung D900i Candy includes an excellent 3.0-megapixel camera that takes good quality images on a decent-sized full colour screen. Pictures are slow to take so you have to be a bit patient and hope the guy in front of you at the gig doesn’t move – or you end up getting a picture of the back of his head! During tests the camera took better quality pictures outside than indoors, with images coming out a bit grainy inside. Image size starts at 800×600 and goes all the way up to 2048×1536.

If you’re a music fan, it’s easy to upload songs using a memory card in the miniSD slot or by connecting it to your PC using the USB cable. Since the phone only holds 80MB you’re likely to need a memory card. Tracks can be easily set as ring tones, which is a blessing given the ones that come as standard. There’s also an FM radio which picks up stations, although some can be fuzzy and come and go.

Games fans are catered for, even though the handset only holds a couple of full versions – the rest are tasters that have to be purchased through the phone.

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If you use need to use the phone with your PC, the Windows drivers come on the included CD. The disc also contains the Samsung PC Studio 3 sync and management software. That allows you to sync the D900i Candy with email and calendar software such as Microsoft Outlook. Annoyingly, in tests it didn’t transfer any regular events that are in series – so if you’ve set Outlook to warn you of family birthdays every year or the monthly poker game, they don’t appear in your phone diary. The software also didn’t copy phone contacts from the Sim card to Outlook, only from the phone memory itself.

The specs for the Samsung D900i Candy are:
Measurements: 103.5mm x 51 mm x 12.99mm
Battery life: 260 hours standby time, 6.5 hours talk time
Memory: 80MB internal memory / MicroSD slot
Camera: 3MP with flash, auto-focus, night mode and macro mode
Video: QVGA (240×320)
Screen: 262k TFT
Networks: Quadband
File Formats: AAC, AAC+, e-AAC+ and MP3
Stereo Bluetooth

This phone is not for the serious minded, or for those who want a dedicated music phone. But if you want something fun, quirky and with some really cute features this is right up your street – and with the make up thrown in, at £129.99, this is one for all fashion conscious girls about town!

Verdict: 7/10