Belkin's iPhone sports armband

Belkin's iPhone sports armbandBelkin hasn't wasted any time following O2's announcement that the iPhone will be appearing in Blighty on 9 November. The company has wheeled out its range of cases, cables and mobility accessories designed specifically for Apple's iconic music phone.

These include a sport armband and slim-fit cases to keep it shiny and scratch-free. Stereo and mini-stereo cables also allow you to listen to your tunes through your home stereo system or portable speakers. Check out the range over the next few pages.

Slim-fit Case for iPhone (£24.99)

* Premium soft-touch leather
* Removable belt clip
* Easy removal of your iPhone through mesh base
* Design allows for full speaker volume
* Padded exterior for extra comfort and protection

Sport armband for iPhone (£19.99)

* Breathable material for maximum comfort
* Low profile, slim design
* Machine-washable
* Extra pocket for key or earphone storage
* Full screen protection and navigation access 


ClearScreen Overlay (£9.99)

* Clear protective shield for your iPhone screen
* Prevents scratches and minor cosmetic damage from everyday use.
* Easy to apply
* Won’t leave residue when removed. 

Headphone adapter for iPhone (£7.99) 

* Connect any 3.5mm stereo headphones
* Works with all Belkin cases for iPhone
* Comes with a Belkin Lifetime Warranty

Mini-stereo cable for iPhone (£12.99) 

* 3.5mm plug to 3.5mm plug
* 6-foot (1.8m) cable
* Chrome-finished connectors and nickel-plated contacts

Stereo cable for iPhone (£12.99) 

* 3.5mm plug to 2-RCA
* 7-foot (2.1m) cable
* Chrome-finished connectors and nickel-plated contacts
* Colour-coated connectors