SanDisk 8GB Micro SD HC memory card

SanDisk 8GB Micro SD HC memory cardThe iPhone measures up pretty well against most other phones. It’s the 8GB memory that really swings it for music fans. But, thanks to SanDisk, you don’t have to buy into a two-year contract (18 months in the UK) and a proprietary system to get a decent music phone. Just slip a SanDisk 8GB memory card into any music-capable handset and enjoy.

The company is so sure this is going to revolutionise phone usage, it’s throwing a huge party in LA to celebrate. We know, our reporter Hillary is out there. And we’re not.

But for those of us not partying in the “Sunset Strip Block Party” – a mix of events at the Key Club, Roxy and Viper Room, here’s some technology info about the products.

The 8GB microSDHC and M2 flash memory cards are compatible with the new breed of mobile phones with card slots.

According to SanDisk, they’re “ideal for the growing number of consumers who make their mobile phone – with its built-in music player, digital camera and video player/recorder – the centrepiece of their digital lifestyle”.

SanDisk said it is trying to educate the vast number of users who don’t realise they have a card slot and show them the benefits if they fill it.

“With a high capacity memory card in this slot, consumers can ‘Wake Up Their Phone’ and turn their handset into the ultimate lifestyle accessory, including the ability to store more than 2,000 digital songs, or more than 5,000 high-resolution pictures, or up to five hours of high-quality MPEG4 video,” the company said.

SanDisk’s 8GB microSDHC and M2 cards are now available worldwide with suggested retail prices of $139.99 (£68) and $149.99 (£73) respectively.

See, wasn’t that better than dancing to exclusive performances by Linkin Park, Common, The Crystal Method, Cut Chemist, Z-Trip, MC Supernatural and more?

Oh come on, at least lie to us a little 🙂