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Did Leopard cause blue screen of death?


imac_apple.jpgMany Mac fanatics laugh at Windows users primarily because of all those
crashes and freezes, well, they may not be laughing very long as media
reports suggest Apple’s latest Leopard operating system can cause the
dreaded blue screen of death.

Users on Apple’s very own discussion forum
said that after installing OS X 10.5 all they got was "a plain blue
screen for the past 30 minutes" (Now that could have been the Mac
showing Derek Jarman’s famous movie "Blue".)

Others have said that the problem has made them feel the pain of
Windows users (when the OS was more buggy than it is now of course). "I
feel like a windoze user now," said one user. "I have re-installed and
it has been
sitting there with a blue screen for 4 1/2 hours. Not good. I am not
installing this on my desktop since I need one computer to work.
Speaking of work…don’t have a work computer as of now."

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Some people have pointed to a third party application as a possible cause
of the problem, although it really could be anything at this time.

has now posted a fix on its support website and suggested that
users carry out an "archive and install" installation of
the upgrade, which transfers existing OS X system files into a
folder named "previous system". We’ve put in a call with Apple to see
what the problem is and update the story when we hear anything

Thankfully these guys
have compiled a list of tips to get you back to normality. And there
was us just about to head off to the Apple store to buy the shiny new