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Lindy’s new card reader is a gadget for the girls


It’s nice to know that manufacturers are taking the female market seriously. What do women want from gadgets? Is it a pink phone? Is it applications that tell you what make up to wear? Whatever it is, Lindy is keen to get in on that important demographic with a card reader that doubles as a vanity mirror. 

The LINDY USB 57-in-1 Mirror Card Reader
supports most popular card types and their variants making it ideal for
owners of digital cameras, camcorders, PDAs and mobile phones that need
to transfer pictures and data easily to their computers. Compatible
with PCs and Macs, the card reader has an aluminium housing, a mirror
finish and comes complete with a 1m USB cable.


Of course, if you already have a card reader, then why not have a look at its USB hub instead.
The LINDY USB 4 Port Mirror Hub
supports both USB equipped PCs and Macs, comes with its own integrated
USB cable and requires no additional power supply. Its mirror finish
compact design makes it the perfect choice for laptop users wanting to
connect peripherals quickly and easily.

"When we asked our development team to come up with a compact device we
didn’t really expect them to literally deliver a ‘compact’.
Fortunately, they didn’t include the powder too," said Stephen
Fawcett, Senior Product Manager of LINDY Electronics. "But it’s very
handy for checking you haven’t left a bit of marmite on your chin or
seeing what your work colleagues are up to behind your back."

The LINDY USB 57-in-1 Mirror Card Reader goes on sale for £14.99 while
the LINDY USB 4 Port Mirror Hub costs £9.99. More details can be found
at www.lindy.co.uk