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Review: Energizer Hi-Tech stainless steel torch


Energizer Hi-Tech stainless steel torch This could very well be the shortest review we ever run. After all, the Energizer Hi-Tech stainless steel ring torch comes with the batteries already fitted, so all you have to do is press a single button. And then there was light…

Still, if the good folks at QVC can make a 30-minute TV sales pitch out of a basic kettle (“It has an on – and off! – switch”), then we’re sure we can do better.

For starters, Energizer reckons the LED bulb that’s fitted inside the unit is good for 8,000 hours’ worth of use. And while we pride ourselves on our rigorous testing, it’ll be next year before we let you know if that’s true or not.

Slightly easier to test is the battery life, which is claimed at 30 hours and hasn’t given up the ghost yet despite about 10 hours hard labour in these cold winter evenings.

And what about the range of the thing! The dual 2032 batteries contained inside combine with the LED bulb to kick out enough light to reach the wall of the building opposite our offices. That’s around 20 metres away.

It’s cheap too, with stockists such as Tesco.com banging them out for less than six of your UK pounds. And with a small form factor (that means it’s not that big, check out the pic of it nestled in the Absolute Gadget editor’s man hands) it’ll dangle off your handbag or your keyring for easy access.

Verdict: 8/10