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Review: Energizer Personal Alarm and LED Light


Energizer Personal Alarm and LED LightHaving already cast our optical skills over Energizer’s Hi-Tech LED torch, we still had time to attune our eyes and ears to the company’s mix of personal alarm and torch. Could it prove to be an even better swinging addition to your handbag or manbag?

Having thrown the light from the smaller Hi-Tech review model quite a distance, sadly the fatter, rounder Personal Alarm couldn’t really match up.

It’s rounded, contoured bulb setting did still throw the light easily across a room, but this was well short of its keyring brethren.

And when it came to the style stakes, the Personal Alarm and LED Light was also losing.

The Safety In The Dark website, which is sponsored by Energizer, might describe it as "compact" and "stylish", but we could quite easily pull the company up on both those points.

However, this is no mere one-trick torch – and the second function up its sleeve left its Hi-Tech cousin standing when it comes to personal safety.

Simply pull on the main unit until its attachment gives way and the device emits a high-pitched sound that will draw attention from all but the very deaf.

Even though we knew what would happen when the bolt came loose the sound still surprised us.

So maybe what Energizer should be focussing on is the practical nature of the device, which for a sub-£6 price is a handy and inexpensive addition to any handbag.

Verdict: 7/10