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Review: Invisio G5 Bluetooth headset


When heard rumours of this headset being used by Swat teams and the
like, naturally we at Absolute Gadget got a little excited, maybe a
little too overexcited. Danish tech firm Nextlink claim its Invisio G5
Bluetooth headset
to be the smallest in the world. 

The thing measures just 16mm long with a 13mm diameter tube with a
speaker at one end and and a microphone at the other. the earpiece is
matt black and quite stylish really, which is a shame as when you shove
it in your ear you can hardly see it! It weighs next to nothing
(actually about 6g) and pops into the ear and stays there with an
innovative rubber spring which its into the inside folds of your ear,
rather than coiling something around the outside of your ear. In tests
this worked perfectly – the earpiece stayed in regardless of how much
we jumped up and down.


The earpiece does have flashing lights (it wouldn’t be a bluetooth
device without flashing lights), but these too are discreetly tucked
away on the inside of the earpiece, away from view.

Also here are the buttons to control the volume (the button to take a call is on the outside).

Making and taking calls is pleasant enough and the call quality is good considering how tiny this thing is.

The talk time is around four hours, so not as long as say other
Bluetooth headsets but it does come with a "SmartCharger" which looks
uncannily like a Zippo cigarette lighter. When the earpiee is put
inside it the charger does its job of charging it up. It has some
lights on the outside, which we can’t work out what they actually do,
perhaps they are contacting aliens or something. Anyway, this means
that when plonks inside and recharge from this, talk time goes up to 20
hours. When this wireless charger runs out of steam – you have to plug
it in to recharge itself and the earpiece – this takes about three
hours to recharge fully.

Overall, if you want a Bluetooth headset that is small and unobtrusive
– this could be your best bet. Although at £80 it isn’t the cheapest
one on the block.

Rating: 8/10

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