Sennheiser MX 560 black earphones

Sennheiser MX 560 black earphonesHear some music blearing out on the bus? Chances are it’s coming from the low-quality white headphones plugged into an iPod (we speak from experience here). Sennheiser isn’t above calling Apple out over its cack cans, though.

“Lost or broken your iPod headphones?” the company’s PR man asks.

“Want something better? Hate white? Only got £20. There’s just one answer – Sennheiser.”

The company has launched the MX 560 in-ear headphones at just £20 for anyone wanting to upgrade.

According to Sennheiser, these headphones are “meant to be heard and not just seen”.

It claims the 560s have a powerful bass-accented sound and offer superb value as affordable upgrades and replacements for supplied iPod and MP3 headphones.

A new ‘hook’ design fits the earphones securely in the your shell-like and the supplied cable winder and carrying pouch make for easy adjustment and storage.

The MX 560 earphones come in five colours (black, white, silver, burgundy red and aqua), all with a 3.5mm flexible gold-plated right-angled jack.

Specifications include:
* Type: dynamic
* Coupling: intra-aural
* Plug: angled 3.5mm gold-plated
* Cable length: 1.1m
* Frequency response: 19-20000 Hz
* Impedance: 32 ohm
* Sound pressure level: 112dB.