is probably the last thing we’d like to do at Absolute Gadget
(somewhere below extracting our own teeth with rusty pliers and without
anaesthetic) but this new iron from Philips aims to make the chore as fashionable as wearing leggings underneath a denim mini-skirt (ok perhaps more fashionable and less annoying than that).

The new GC3388 steam iron is THE iron you’ll want
to be seen with, claims the manufacturer. Although we can’t see ourselves falling out of the Ivy carrying one of these. 

According to the blurb we received from the company the iron is "exquisitely highlighted with an
intricate leaf design on a silver background around base and handle
of the iron". Not only that it "is a triumph of

But if you should decide to head off to Comet to buy the iron (it’s the only place you will be able to purchase said implement), what are you getting?

iron measures 13.0×29.0x10.0(H/W/D)cm and comes with a ceramic sole
plate. The 2300W of power delivery 35 grams of steam per minute with a
95 gram per minute shot of steam from its 300 ml capacity water tank.
It also has a vertical steam setting to freshen up hanging garments (we
guess this is the lazy way to iron).

has an anti-drip valve, a self-clean system to remove scale and
residue. We decided to actually iron some shirts (first time in years)
and the results were very pleasing. Although it must be said while
doing so we felt very much in touch with our feminine side. Not sure if
that’s down to the flowery design or the iron or the very act of

the end we decided that the iron could be put to much better use in
creating a steam room in our office toilet – yes we are that infantile
but our pores are now so clear! All-in-all not bad for a £45 iron.

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