A Nokia N96 yesterday

A nokia phone yesterdayAn estimated 60,000 Chelsea and Manchester United fans are set to descend on Moscow for the final of the UEFA Champions League on Wednesday night. Nokia has a helping hand to offer to stop anyone missing the action. 

It seems this highlight of the football season has the potential to turn into a logistical nightmare for fans trying to find their way around a huge, unfamiliar city of over 10 million people signposted only in the Russian Cyrillic alphabet.

To help English fans navigate their way around the Russian capital, Nokia has its mobile map of Moscow available for free download to Nokia GPS-enabled handsets.

The English language map features a street by street guide to the city allowing fans to find their way from the airport to the Kremlin and from Red Square to the Luzhniki Stadium with ease.

For example, those arriving in town at the Okhotnyy Ryadd train station will be 5.8km from the stadium.

But with all hotel rooms in Moscow booked up on the night of the final, you’re more likely to be staying near here than in town – possibly stopping in the Le Royal Meridien National next door to the station.

Thankfully, you can use the pedestrian navigation system to efficiently walk from A to B with visual turn-by-turn guidance – taking you from stadium to hotel easily.

Grab a quick bite pint on the way to the game at Nocknoy Kapriz (1.2km) or a bite to eat at the Arena restaurant (1.1km).

And if you’ve got a spare five minutes before kick off, take in some culture at the Luzhniki Muzey Sporta museum, a mere 209m from where the action will take place.

“The Nokia Map is more than just a mobile A to Z, users can also use the service to ‘geo-tag’ points of interest, such as a hotel, in order to find their way back easily,” said a particularly lovely PR girl.

“It helps users to locate themselves by giving information about the surrounding buildings, streets and parks, including pathways through parks, and points the direction in which they are walking – using the handset’s built in compass for orientation.”