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Gamers’ anger at N-Gage game restrictions


The Nokia N-Gage mobile gaming platform had mobile gamers half-excited when
its corpse appeared to re-animate itself but it looks like anyone that
has bought an N-Gage game and want to upgrade their phone may find that
they can’t move these games over to their new phone.

According to information unearthed by N-Gage fan site All About N-Gage
should you go down the upgrade route (which a lot of people and
especially tech-enthusiasts do) then the only way to get all your games
on you new phone is to buy them all over again (or perhaps not upgrade).

"Well, it now seems that the new N-Gage platform has its own significant
flaw: if you upgrade to a new phone, you will not be able to transfer
your games to the new phone – your library is locked to the original
handset forever," said the website.

"This is in stark contrast to Nokia’s Music Store service, which does
let you move your music library to a new phone. Why does Nokia treat a
10 euro album differently to a 10 euro game?" it added.

According to terms and conditions of the N-Gage service the games (or
content as Nokia calls them) "shall be… limited to one private
installation on one N-Gage compatible Nokia device only." But of
course, when was the last time you looked through a EULA?

Of course, it would be far better not to link the games to the phone
but to the person who bought them, but that seems a tad difficult for
some reason. DRM, eh!

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