Google Android

you still haven’t got your mitts on a 3G iPhone yet then you maybe
interested to learn that another pretender to the Jesusphone’s crown
will be unleashed later this year in the form of the HTC Dream running
Google’s new mobile OS Android.

According to reports from Bloomberg,
it will be mobile operator T-Mobile that will get first dibbs on the
Google phone and will be selling it in the fourth quarter of this year.
Not only that, news from Engadget reports that the FCC in the US has given approval to the phone, so a launch now seems a certainty for October.

phone itself will be manufactured by HTC and called "Dream" (other
reports have this phone called the G1). IT looks increasingly likely
that the launch date for the phone will be September 17th, although
these are still unconfirmed reports.

phone itself is said to have a five by three inch touch screen, an
accelerometer, a slide-out keyboard, a 3-megapixel camera and 3G
network connectivity (a blessing).

As for
price, it is speculated that it will cost $150 for the first week and
then cost $250 to $400 (which would seem a little strange).

Early gPhone reviews here suggest that the new GPhone isn’t as elegant as the iPhone but is" technically very powerful".