believe that the silly season has started in earnest as most news
websites are beginning to report rumours as news instead of what is
actually happening. And who are we at Absolute Gadget to buck this
particular trend. Anyway, rumour has it that software behemoth
Microsoft and mobile phone behemoth Nokia are collaborating on some
type of Zune-enable raprod.

According to Zune fan website Zunescene
(come on there has to be one!), the Finnish phone company is working
with the team behind Zune on integrating Zune Marketplace content
according to a "well placed source within Microsoft." (possibly a PR
person reading the iPhone nano story and thinking about punting a spoiler story).

rumoured development is aimed more at content delivery rather than a
proper hardware device (so hopefully it won’t run Windows Mobile). The
source quoted in the story denied any knowledge of a possible Zune
phone. "if there is a zune phone I don’t know about it," said the
unnamed source.

The rest of the story suggests that Zune will appear on a multitude of
devices, such as the Xbox 360, mobile phones, PCs and possible even
some kind of mp3 player, although we’d rather wait to see one of these
mythical beasts before we believe it.

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