Google T-Mobile and HTC Android G1 phoneWe know you were wondering what mobile music discovery service (fancy way of saying hold up the phone and they’ll tell you what song is playing) Shazam thinks about the Google/T-Mobile/HTC Android G1 phone. Thankfully, they’ve been in touch…

“For content providers and third party applications, the launch of Google Android is certainly exciting," Shazam CEO Andrew Fisher said through the medium of a press release.

"Shazam is very interested in the Android platform and we will be watching it closely."

Don’t worry if that last sentence sounded a bit like a stalker, as apparently Shazam’s strategy is to "partner with a wide range of handset manufacturers and operators across the world to offer our customers the very best music discovery and sharing experience."

"If Google can be half as successful on the mobile as it has been on the internet, consumers are set to have a great mobile internet experience,” he added.

Frankly, if Google can be a quarter as successful it could finally give us a genuine competitor to Apple’s iPhone.