Steve Jobs

Steve JobsA news site created by former Apple employees has challenged Steve Jobs to visit a factory in China to check that conditions have improved since a damning report in 2006.

Ryan Ritchey, the producer of The Digital Lifestyle, laid down the  challenge because of reports of increased iPhone production, beyond full capacity at the Foxconn factory.

"If there ever was a time that a precariously close to inhumane work environment could go over the edge, this new production ramp would be it," Ritchey said.

In 2006, Apple investigated wrongdoing at the Foxconn location due to press reports of sub-standard working conditions.

Ritchey said Apple’s own report found overtime violations and some questionable living quarters.

Ritchey’s blog posting claims that its not so much that human rights abuses are suspected, so much as there’s a cloud of ambiguity hanging over the production facilities.

"Go to China, Steve. Look firsthand at just how Apple products are manufactured," Ritchey said.

“We’ll happily go along, and vow to never raise the subject again if everything checks out.”