Nokia E71 white version exclusive to 3

Nokia E71 white version exclusive to 33 has been bigging up the stuff it reckons will be tickling your fancy this year and the Nokia E71 is top of the list. The company has exclusive rights to the white Pearl-bashing version and if you ask us it looks nicer than the BlackBerry Bold, being thinner and 7g lighter.

It’s also a bit more flexible. With a Blackberry you can’t move application information like your messenger contacts or even the numbers from a Sim to another handset, that’s why you have to sync it with the BB software.

With the 3 package on the Sim, information can be transferred to another handset should you want to switch to a new model.

The Nokia E71 is out today, with prices varying depending on contract…

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However, should you be a Research In Motion fan – and we know a lot of you out there are – 3 will also be signing up the BlackBerry Bold. It’ll launch in November with the price for the handset and tariff to be confirmed.

3 was also showing off an upgraded version of its Skype phone, which the company says beats the pants off its first model.

The Skype S2 will include apps such as Facebook, Bebo, YouTube and IM – effectively packing in everything you’d expect your N Series, Blackberry or iPhone to have… with free calls to your Skype buddies, of course.

The handset will also show you who’s actively on Facebook, who’s logged into Skype, IM, etc, and your Skype contacts will be clearly identified when your look through your contacts list.

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As well as working as a phone, it’ll also work as a modem. Nothing new for a mobile, you say, but this is instant access – a bit like plugging a dongle into the computer. 3 also says it’ll stay connected if you take a call on your mobile…

The 3 Skype S2 is out on 18 August for less than £70 on pay-as-you-go.

The mobile internet service will also be getting a bit of an upgrade.

A new hub will mean that you can share that connection between any users within range who have “dinky dongles” – as we’ve named them – plugged into their computers. So like a wireless connection at home it’s not tied to one computer.