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First Look Review: Cellenden Bluetooth headset


Bluetooth headsets are certainly getting smaller. Oh how we laughed
when we saw the first ones. They were quite big. Although to be honest
we laughed more at the journalist that was wearing it at the time
(nobody seemed to like him and I never got the bottom of this reason).
Anyway, he’s not a hack anymore and Bluetooth headsets are a lot smaller.
The new headset from Cellenden is so small, it threatens to make you look like one of those differently sane people who appear to talk to themselves.

The headset (really we should call it an earpiece) weighs in at 6.5g
and fits into the ear. Unless you have a skinhead, no one will notice
that you have this thing stuck in your ear. And you certainly can’t do
impressions of commander Uhuru picking up Klingons around Uranus.

As you can see from the promotional photo the thing is barely bigger
than a 20p piece. It looks good as well. We tested it with our Nokia
6500 and Sony Ericsson W880i. Both connected properly and the sound
clarity is good enough for everyday usage. The earpiece did not slip out
when walking about and even running up the hill didn’t appear to jog it
form its position within the ear.

The manufacturer claims that the headset gives four hours continuous
talk time and 50 hours standby. It certaainly managed to last as long
as the fully charged phones we used to test the earpiece. It is also
claimed to have a 10 meter range from the phone itself – handy for when
you want leave your phone somewhere up to 10 meteres away from you.

The price of the headset is reasonable at £29.99 and is availalbe from www.twistedcarbon.com.

Overall, if you want to look like someone that talks to themselves,
then at least you have a decent Bluetooth headset with which to do it

Rating: 8/10