Now, I’m not sure just how many of you will swap your dead-tree reading
devices for something a bit more twenty-first century, but Sony hopes
you’ll ditch the normal paperback for its new e-book reader called,
err, the Reader.

Previously the device was only available in the US, but it has finally
traversed the Atlantic. The gadget can store up to 160 novels in its
(small) internal memory. But of course, shove in an SD card (wot, no
memory stick – shurley shome mishtake!) and you can store a veritable

The device can be reserved for buying in Sony and Waterstone shops only
and weighs only 250g. According to the press bumph we were sent, the
battery lasts for 6,800 page turns, which is the equivalent of reading
War and Peace five times (honestly once is enough!)

The Reader uses eInk tech which means that it should be readable in all
light conditions and won’t cause eye strain (unlike a normal laptop
where you have to type in a darkened room while others enjoy the
glorious sun we are having in the UK today).
Meanwhile, Waterstones is getting ready for the Reader by launching an
eBook store where you can download books onto the reader for a small
fee. While pricing details aren’t available, it is widely expected that
one of these devices will set you back £250.

The Reader is compatible with these formats: ePub, PDF, RTF, TXT and
DOC and JPEG images. It will be available for pre-order from today at and