GPS systems are now so pervasive that manufacturers have to come up
with novel features in order to part you from your money. Of course, if
you want to appeal to women, most manufacturers seem to think that
painting the thing pink or providing directions to the nearest shoe
shop will be enough to make the distaff side cough up the reddies.
Or if you are a bloke, then it should talk like Kitt from Knight Rider. However, kudos to Binatone as it has come up with a feature that would
really help all of us – a rear-view camera to help
you park better.

The T430 is a normal-sized GPS, measuring 117 mm x 80 mm x 19.5 mm with a 4.3 inch display. It also sports an SD card slot for extra maps and media files.

Out of the box, you have UK and Ireland maps installed as well as a
speed camera database (always handy). There is also Bluetooth so you
can pair your phoneor multimedia play for videos (not that you should
be watching videos while driving – that’s a no-no!)

Using the display is not too bad. It can be used by even our fat
fingers without resorting to a stylus. Getting directions from where
you are is pretty quick. The device is a custom version of Nav
N Go’s iGO 2006+ and runs a version of Windows CE. There are Zoom and
Elevation controls on the main map display as well as a mute button and
tabbed menu access to change the display to your liking.

While the device works well as a GPS, we were keen to see how well the
camera works. Normally this would require putting the camera on the
back of your car and wiring it up to the reversing light. As soon as
reverse is engaged the camera should come on. As this review model was
on loan to us, we weren’t about to start out on electrical work on our
pride and joy. Binatone handily provided us with a special cable to
power the wireless camera to test it out.

The camera worked fairly well with a good enough picture on the screen to allow you a bit of info on what’s behind you.

There is also an audio and video player as well as a photo viewer
(can’t see the point of having these in a GPS but they are there).

Overall, the unit costs around £176 to £180. While there are cheaper
GPS devices on the market, we are scratching our heads to think of any
that come with a parking camera.

Rating: 7/10