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Top 10 iPhone apps for travellers


An Apple iPhone 3G yesterdayTruphone has released what it reckons is the top 10 list of iPhone applications for travellers. Funnily enough, the Truphone service is in there. Here they are in no particular order…



Lonely Planet phrasebooks (travel)
£5.99 each, except Mandarin which is free
Lonely Planet offers its 10 most popular phrasebooks in downloadable audio format to shop, socialise and shout like a native, in French, Spanish, Italian, German, Thai or Czech and more.

Evernote (productivity)
Anytime you want to remember something, put it into Evernote and you’ll have it forever across all the devices and platforms. You can take notes, snap photos, create to-do-lists, and record audio. You can even keep track of your daily expenses by recording the amount of your purchases on the go or simply use it to compare prices.

WeatherBug (weather)
Puts live, local weather conditions from over 45,000 locations in the world on your iPhone. Features include: severe weather alerts, weather cameras, detailed forecast, current radar and satellite maps.

Truphone (travel)
Acording to Truphone, this service saves you money by making outbound calls over Wi-Fi. Calls to cellphones in the USA, Canada and China are just 6c/3p per min from anywhere in the world. Calls in 40 countries (including UK, Australia, Brazil and most of Europe) are 6c/3p per min to landlines and 30c/15p per min to mobiles. There are no roaming charges. A bonus £2/$4 free credit gets users started.

Local Picks by TripAdvisor (travel)
Gives recommendations for nearby restaurants and covers over 410,000 restaurants to select from, including top restaurants in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, France and more.

FileMagnet (utilities)
FileMagnet makes it easy to copy files from your Mac and view them on your iPhone and iPod touch even when you have no internet connection. It uses a free Mac application to copy the files over. All the common file types are supported, including PDFs, Microsoft Office Docs, images, movies, sounds and even folders.

SpeechCloud Voice Dialer (productivity)
Add voice dialing to the iPhone, allowing you to call anyone in your contact list by simply saying his or her name.

Sudoku (games)
Sudoku has unique handcrafted puzzles across four different skill levels. You can pause the game at any time and resume where you left off, read hints, check best times, make notes and much more.

British Airways (travel)
Get up-to-minute information on the arrival and departure times for all BA flights.

Currency (utilities)
Provides up-to-date exchange rate information for over 50 currencies and 70 countries.