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New PSP and bigger PS3 on the way


Sony PSPSony has shown off a bigger-capacity PlayStation 3 as well as a new PSP model at the Leipzig Games Conference. The 160 GB PS3 will, unusually, make it to Europe before America – hitting the shelves on Hallowe’en here, whereas Americans will have to wait until November.

The machine will be sold as a bundle with Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune for €449 (working out as £355, although prices on the Continent are typically cheaper than in Britain – no UK cost has yet been announced). 

In the US, the package will also come with a voucher for PlayStation Network game PAIN; while European customers will receive vouchers for €70-worth of downloadable content.

In addition, there will be a wireless keypad that interfaces with PS3 controllers and allows for touch typing released.  It will be Bluetooth-enabled, and converts to a touchpad-style mouse.  Again, no price was given.

“Consumers are utilising PS3 as an entertainment hub for their digital media, placing content such as their entire music collection on the hard drive,” said Jack Tretton, president of Sony Computer Entertainment of America. 

“The 160GB PS3 system addresses this growing consumer demand.”

Sony also revealed a new version of the PlayStation Portable, called the PSP 3000 as it’s the third design of the machine since its release.

The move recalls the multiple redesigns of Nintendo’s Game Boy and Game Boy Advance systems (the latter had three designs in four years, a record the 3000 will cause the PSP to equal). 

The PSP 3000 has the same dimensions as the PSP Slim & Lite, and features an anti-reflective screen with a wider palette of colours and higher contrast ratio, as well as a built-in microphone.

It will be released worldwide on 15 October in a bundle with the latest Ratchet And Clank title for €199 – with the UK price tag set at £149.99.

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