The Seinfeld cast

The Seinfeld castMicrosoft has hired top comic Jerry Seinfeld as part of a £150m push to promote its products.

The advertising campaign is the Redmond-based company’s attempt to fight off increasing competition from Apple.

Steve Jobs’ Apple firm has managed to all-but-kidnap the ‘cool’ status in the industry thanks to products such as the iPod and iPhone.

Seinfeld will be paid $10m in exchange for appearing in ads with Microsoft’s chairman Bill Gates.

Director Michel Gondry, (The Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Be Kind, Rewind) is reported to be directing at least one of the TV commercials.

Microsoft has refused to comment on the deal, with a spokesperson only saying, "Stay tuned, literally".

The advert is expected to debut on 4 September in the US.

The adverts obviously won’t be true to Seinfeld’s character in the hit show, as he had an Apple Mac in the background of his apartment…