Master Chief gets another outing in February according to Microsoft.
The company finally spilled the beans on a release date for its hot new
strategy game "Halo Wars" – it’s 27 February.

However, Japan and Asia get their hands on the game a day before on the
26th, while the US and the Americas won’t see the game until 3 March.

On the official Halo Wars website
a statement read that pre-orders for the title are being taken at
participating retailers. And these pre-orders will get "an exclusive
in-game Warthog with flame decals".

It also said that the Halo Wars Collector’s Edition will be priced at $79.99 (£55) and include access
to an in-game Honor Guard Wraith, as well as six Leader cards, a
graphic novel and a Spirit of Fire cloth patch. Gamers will also get early
access to the in-game Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack.

The game is being developed by RTS company Emsemble, who reckon that
Microsoft has made a mistake in closing the firm down – it said it
wants to create a "cracking game" in order to highlight this closure.