After seeing NVidia demonstrating its 3D-capable graphics cards just before Christmas and Sky planning 3D broadcasts it wouldn’t be too long before us mere mortals could get on the multi-dimensional bandwagon. Firebox is selling a 3D webcam so you can chat with your mates while wearing silly glasses.

The 3D webcam is called the Minoru
and sports the required two cameras to shoot you in 3D (it also looks
like an orange alien – but that’s another matter). The cameras are
spaced three inches apart to get that realistic look. The pictures are
then transmitted over the internet and pieced together on one display.
The viewer dons a pair of special specs in order to see the resultant

According to Firebox, the Minoru is compatible with Windows Live Messenger, Skype, AOL Instant
Messenger and OoVoo. You can also set it to normal 2D webcam functionality.

Link: Firebox

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