ps3_topview.jpgThe price of a new PS3 could go as low as £200 this year, according to analysts.

Michael Pachter from Wedbush Morgan Securities said that the Playstation 3 could see its price slashed to $299 in April.

He also said that the Xbox 360 Pro (the mid-range version of the
Microsoft console) will fall to $249 (£170) at or just before this
year’s E3 show.

But Pachter wasn’t so sure that the Nintendo Wii would see a lowering
in price. He said that Nintendo will "maintain Wii pricing at $249
(£169/€188) until the
company sees signs that demand is slowing". As a result, the Wii may
not see a cut in price until late 2009, he claimed.

Sony has been reticent about price cuts with the company going on
record several times denying that the console was about to be slashed
in price.

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