freeview.jpgMost people thought that with the advent of all day telly and digital, that scary little girl from the test card would be a thing of the past (like on Life on Mars). Well you can relive those days of oil crisis and a four-day week by reading on….

If you have Freeview you can easily find the hidden test card by doing the following.

1. Tune to the BBCi channel (currently channel 105)
2. When the BBCi background appears, press Yellow (within 30 seconds)
3. Tune away to a different channel
4. Tune back to the BBCi channel (currently channel 105)
5. When the BBCi background appears, press Green (within 30 seconds)
The word ‘Secret’ will appear in the top right hand corner
6. Wait until the status page appears
7. Enter 3, 3, 5, 8, 2, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue
(note "33582" spells out the word "DELTA" on a mobile phone keypad)
8. Wait approximately 30 seconds and the test card will appear.

Break out the Watney’s Party Seven!

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