The General Imaging GE A950

The General Imaging GE A950General Imaging wants you to buy one of its digital cameras.  General Imaging wants you to buy one of its digital cameras so much that the company is launching a whopping nine new models this year.

The GE range of snappers all feature the most fanciest doodads and fiddly bits that you’d expect from modern digital cameras – red-eye removal, face detection, auto scene detection, pan-capture panorama and the like.

At the more expensive end, you also get HDTV output and touch-panel LCD to play with.

The first four models – the A950, A1150, A1250 and E1255W – will hit the UK in April, with the other five following later in the year.  We’ll try to get hold of a few to let you know if they’re as good as they sound.

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