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T-Mobile launches Instant Email


A Nokia phone yesterdayIf you’re the type who likes to check their email on your phone’s web browser, T-Mobile would like to dangle a new service carrot-like in front of your face. The phone company is today launching Instant Email, which sends your emails direct to your message inbox, bypassing the web completely.

The service allows you to store up to five different email accounts on your phone, each with its own inbox, so when someone emails you you’re instantly alerted. It can also back up and update phone numbers, email addresses and a calendar.

The service is currently for Nokia models only, but other phones will be hooked up soon.

It costs £3.50 monthly, with no extra charges if fair use policies are exceeded (although it becomes opt-in if travelling abroad, meaning you have to indicate you want it to keep working). And just for the heck of it, the launch is being marked with a one-month free trial.

Richard Warmsley, head of T-Mobile’s Internet and Entertainment, said that mobile email was nothing new for business customers, but it was time everyone had easy access to their inbox.

“All our customers want to be up to date and involved with what’s going on, whether they be buying a house or organising a holiday with friends, and receiving and sending emails straight to your phone just makes life a little easier,” Warmsley added.