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More beans spilled on the LG-GD900

LG-GD900 Mobile World Congress MWC Barcelona CTIA Wireless Las Vegas May 2009 launch

LG-GD900 Mobile World Congress MWC Barcelona CTIA Wireless Las Vegas May 2009 launchThe LG-GD900 was originally debuted at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. LG will unveil its features at CTIA Wireless 2009 in Las Vegas on 1 April. And then further details will be revealed at the device’s launch in May. This drip feed of info is clearly designed to get consumers excited – well this is the world’s first transparent touchpad phone…

“The LG-GD900 offers consumers a new touch interaction experience, featuring a 3-inch full touchscreen and a transparent touchpad which supports finger-writing recognition and Haptic feedback,” said an LG spokesman. 

“The transparent touchpad allows users to conveniently control and navigate through the phone’s features and 3D user interface with specifically designed functions.”

Those touchpad features and functions include:
* Multi Touch, which increases on-screen readability allowing for simpler zooming in and out of web pages
* Gesture Shortcut, enabling users to configure their favourite shortcuts with a simple finger gesture. For instance, users can write an ‘M’ on the touchpad and configure this command to run the music player
* Touch Wheel, to make it easy to pause, play and rewind multimedia clips with the swirl or finger. 

“The LG-GD900 combines style and functionality reaffirming LG’s innovative approach to product design that continues to surpass consumer expectations,” said Jeremy Newing, head of marketing for LG Mobile. 

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