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How Zune is now?


zune.jpgWe remember some time last year having a very
revealing conversation with a source close to Microsoft. In the
conversation, she was trying to gauge the media’s interest in Zune and
where it had gone wrong with the media player.

She couldn’t
say much but the tone of the conversation implied that Microsoft was
gearing up for some kind of new hardware for the European market,
especially the UK. Rumours since then have focused mainly on Zune being
rolled into Windows Mobile (which would be the most logical). However,
recent events suggest that a third generation Zune will debut this year
with a brand new set of features aimed at killing off Apple’s iPhone
and Ipod Touch.

According to Windows Mobile fansite WMPoweruser.com
the new device will be a multi-touch only interface and "support
wireless sync". It said that the new player will be called ZuneHD and
will also support 3D Xbox games (which would explain why Microsoft is
hiring a new Halo developer).

Microsoft has been dropping hints about continuing with the differently successful Zune. Microsoft’s Zune Group Manager, Brian Seitz, on Twitter that there would be "new zune hardware this year".

Blackberry, Palm and Android in the smartphone marketplace, Microsoft
desparately need to hit on a winning formula before its mobile devices
become an irrelevance.

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