OmniMount Power40

OmniMount Power40You know the situation. You’re lying on the bed or lazing on the couch and annoyingly you’re in just the wrong position to watch the TV properly. Well, don’t give up and move to suit the telly – flick a button and have it swivel to where you can see it better.

“The OmniMount Power40 is a state-of-the-art, remote controlled, motorised mount for a LCD or plasma screen that allows you to tilt, pan and swivel the flat panel from the comfort of your sofa,” says our favourite press release this year.

“With the touch of one button the Power40 – part of OmniMount’s award-winning MotionPicture Series – delivers maximum viewing flexibility from anywhere in the room.”

OmniMount says it uses a “virtually silent” 40dB motor to shift position and the cantilever mount fits most flat panels.

It’ll handle screen sizes from 23-inches to 40-inches and weights of up to five stone or 30kg.

The Power40 sits 2.7-inches from the wall when in the fixed position, tilts from zero to 15 degrees to reduce glare, and pans from zero to 20 degrees left and right to accommodate almost any viewing position.

It even features a safety mechanism that can detect the wall and stop any motion when movement is obstructed.

It costs £299.99 and is available now.