YuuWaa in its box - available from Amazon

YuuWaa in its box - available from AmazonWhen you’re carrying a lot of your memories around in digital form – not to mention your music and video collections – the fear of losing it all starts to get a bit much. YuuWaa thinks it can help…

YuuWaa is a consumer storage product that combines a secure USB stick with online storage capacity, which means you can backup, access and share all your important data, music, videos and photos wherever you’ve got an internet connection.

"YuuWaa works by creating an online digital data universe where you can manage all of your files in one place which is accessed via an internet connection," the YuuWaa spokesman tells AG.

"The handy secure USB stick lets you carry the important files you need with you when you are on the go, whilst the web storage ensures that all your files are backed up, safe and will never be lost."

YuuWaa launches in the UK today, but how much is it? Well, a Yuuwaa Plus 8gb Flash Drive + 16Gb online storage costs £29.99, while a Yuuwaa Go 4gb Flash Drive + 8Gb online storage sells for £19.99.