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K-box rocks your world


It might look a bit like an iPhone, but this device from online social media and music website Kerchoonz.com is actually the K-box portable speaker…

“Plug the small box into a laptop, portable gaming device, netbook, MP3 player or mobile phone,” the spokesperson commands us.

“Place it on a desktop, table top or wall and using its unique patented gel audio technology, it will convert the entire surface underneath it into a giant audio speaker, with a bass sound guaranteed to deafen your neighbours.”

Bring on the ASBOs.

“You can literally feel the floor moving beneath your feet”, says Indiana Gregg, one of the founders of Kerchoonz.com.

And because the K-box is so compact, Gregg says you can take it on holiday with you so there’s no more straining to hear dreadful sounds emanating from your mobile phone.

It’s got an average battery life of 20 hours and is rechargeable via USB.
Availability of the K-box “has been restricted solely to the Kerchoonz website”, where it’ll cost you £39.99 plus £5 post and packing.


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