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Asus promises Windows 7 upgrades


windows_7_home_premium_boxshot.jpgWorried about buying a computer before Windows 7 is released? Not a problem if you’re getting an Asus. “Asus confirms that customers purchasing an Asus PC during the eligibility period will be entitled to an upgrade to Windows 7,” a spokeswoman told AG.

So when’s the qualifying period? Well, users who purchase a qualifying Asus notebook between 26 June 2009 to 31 January 2010 will receive their Windows 7 platform upgrade kits after the new operating system reaches its “General Availability Date”.

The upgrades will depend on the version of Windows that came with the product:
Windows Vista Home Premium will be upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium
Windows Vista Business will be upgraded to Windows 7 Professional
Windows Vista Ultimate will be upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate.

Users who downgrade their operating systems from Windows Vista to Windows XP operating systems are still eligible for the upgrade program.

Eligible Asus models include:
B50A, F50Gx, F50N, F50Q, F50Sc, F50SI, F50Sv, F50Z, F6A, F6VE, F70SI, F80Q/S, F83Se, F81Se, F83T, G50V, G50Vt, G60Vx, G51Vx, G71Gx, K40AB, K40C, K40IJ, K40IN, K50AB, K50C, K50IJ, K50IN, K70AB, K70AC, K70IJ, K7O1O, M50Vc, M50Vn, M51A, M51VR, M60Vp, M70Vn, N20A, N50Vn, N50Vc, N51TP, N51Vf, N51Vg, N51Vn, N60De, N60SF, F50SF, N80Vn, N81Vf, N81Vg, N81Vp, P80A, P80Q, U20, U50Vg, U6V, U80A, U80V, UX30, UX50, UX5, W90Vn, W90Vp, X58LE, X71Tp.

Anyone purchasing a qualifying Asus product should register it for the Windows 7 Upgrade Program via the official Asus website.

The upgrade is free, but users must still pay for any applicable handling and shipping charges.

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