Klipsch Custom in-ear headphones

Klipsch Custom in-ear headphonesKlipsch has launched a series of in-ear Headphones dubbed Klipsch Custom. According to the PR tasked with bigging them up, all three models in the range “offer unparalleled comfort allied to excellent performance, just the job for high-quality MP3 players, iPods and iPhones.” 

Klipsch said the creation of the Custom series applied the company’s 60-plus years of audio experience.

But why are they called Custom when you can’t add funky colours or other personalised bits to them?

According to Klipsch, the Custom-3, Custom-2 and Custom-1 models feature unique proprietary technologies, not only offering great comfort and sound, but also allowing for a completely personalised fit.

For exterior comfort, flexible ear wires bend over and around the ears so they can be formed to whatever fit is best for each user.

A Klipsch spokesman said it may take a few minutes to find the perfect fit, but once found, users will discover their time was well spent.

“Not only do these adaptable wires provide optimal comfort, they also let users experience full or partial noise isolation – a great safety feature for on-the-go users,” he added.

“It’s just a matter of pulling the ear gels out of the ear canals and adjusting the wires to firmly position the earphone nozzles over the canals.”

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All three headphones in the range come with patent-pending Contour Ear Gels, which are anatomically designed to accurately fit inside the human ear canal.

These soft, oval silicon tips reduce ear fatigue as well as providing “an amazing seal for excellent noise isolation and bass response”.

Tom Gospel, Klipsch program management director, said that because ear canal measurements vary, each Custom model comes with five different-sized ear gels: small, medium, and large single-flange designs as well as small and large double-flange designs.

“Such variety allows these headphones to fit more of the population than the competition,” he said.

The company also hailed the durability of its headphones, including their cables.

With cables able to stretch to 1.27m/50in-long, Klipsch has added strain relief at every cable connection point to avert wire damage.

A special PVC wireguard jacket hidden underneath the cable’s black cloth weaving also prevents the wires from becoming exposed and frayed.

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The £149 you’ll splash out on the Klipsch Custom-3 buys you exclusive KG723 tweeters, KG731 woofers, and a patent-pending electro-acoustic crossover system to deliver a “studio-reference acoustic experience”.

This model comes in a black soft-feel paint finish with copper accents and includes a vinyl carrying case that will also fit an 80G iPod.

The £99 Custom-2 in-ear headphones employ exclusive KG534 dual-balanced armatures in each ear for an enhanced full-range acoustic experience, with “crisp highs and deep lows”.

This model comes in a black soft-feel paint finish with silver accents and also includes the 80G iPod carrying case.

The £69 Custom-1 in-ear headphones employ exclusive KG332 balanced armatures for “deeper bass, a robust midrange, and clearer highs”.

This model comes in a black soft-feel paint finish with off-white lettering and includes a compact vinyl carrying case.

The Custom-1 pack includes five sets of ear gels and a cleaning tool; Custom-2 users add an airline adaptor; while Custom 3 users also add a quarter-inch adaptor.