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Spotify gets top spot on HTC Hero with 3


If you like your music on the move but don’t want to spend time uploading your record collection to your iPhone, 3 reckons you can just have Spotify on a HTC Hero smartphone instead.

For just £35 per month, the mobile operator is bundling the streaming music service with the Android-based handset. The announcement also marks Android’s first appearence on the UK’s smallest operator.

The phone will cost punters £100 upfront for a 24 month contract. The tariff includes 700 minutes of talktime, unlimited texts, email and mobile internet as well as unlimited 3-to-3 calls and Skype. The 24-month Spotify subscription itself works out to be £240, so this looks like a great bargain.

Charlotte Blanchard, Director of Products & Services at 3 said: “This partnership continues our commitment to bring popular internet services to our customers. Spotify Mobile is a fantastic digital service which gives consumers the ability to enjoy and share music in an affordable way.”


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